Consulting Services

BLC’s regular researches are all subscription based. BLC’s professional industry analysts in copper, lead, zinc, nickel, aluminum, and minor metals are committed to providing in-depth, professional, as well as timely reports and research. 

The related multi-clients reports include,

  • China’s Copper Quarterly Report
  • China’s Zinc Half Year Report
  • China’s Primary Copper Smelter Database
  • China’s Copper End-user Consumption Model
  • China’s Domestic Scrap Generation Mode

Based on strong technical background and in-depth understanding of production process, BLC provides professional cost breakdown analysis for mines, smelters and refineries.

Being specialized in the whole value chain of metal industry from upstream to downstream, BLC provides customized in-depth market studies, industry surveys for the producers, traders, downstream end-users, industry association, government and financial institutions across base metal, minor and precious metal industries.